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Are you ready to explore a Summer of BOLD Imagination?
This is the place to be! Join us as we prepare for weeks of play, adventures and IMAGINATION.

Week 1: SOAR into Summer

Let your imagination take flight with BGCWPA as you soar into an amazing summer. Explore
STEAM, outdoor play, and fun! Come and discover what a Summer of Bold Imagination is all
about with introductions to new friends, camp counselors, the camp facility and many exciting
activities that will get your imagination ready to go!

Week 2: Imagine the Journey

How do you prepare for a trip? Where are we going?  What mode of transportation will you
use?  Who will you travel with? What do you pack? What kind of weather does this place
experience? How much currency should you bring?  Get ready to explore and imagine travel
this week.  Planes, trains, boats and bikes are some options. What other creative ways can
you think of to travel? Let’s imagine the trip of a lifetime together.   

Week 3:  Creative Moves

Wiggle, dance, stretch… How do you like to move? This week we will teach you how to move your body
in different ways. There is no right or wrong way. Use your imagination!  This is a week you don’t want
to miss; can you feel the rhythm? Moving can be energizing or relaxing.  What is the most creative way
you can move across a room?  Can you imagine a cool way that we can all move together?  

Week 4: Where the Wild Things Are

Animals spark our imagination.  Can you think of a new kind of animal?  Can you dream
up something silly like riding a whale or dancing with a zebra?  Animals come in all shapes
and sizes and live in all different areas of the world. This week we will explore the sounds,
movements, and lifestyles of animals from all over the globe. Come share with us what
you know and maybe learn something new. 

Week 5:  Wacky Olympics Week

Show us what you’ve got. Whether passing the torch to the next generation or the next teammate,
this week will be filled with imaginative events. This will be our most creative Olympics Week yet!
What wild Olympic games can you think of?  Backwards race?  Jell-O eating contest? 

Week 6: Drama Dreams

Open a portal to stories and theater! Write your own play or star in someone else’s.
Singing, dancing, comedy and storytelling – we want to see your star power!  We will
learn about how different cultures entertain each other with performances and create
some of our own. From Shakespeare to reality tv – can you imagine a new way to
entertain your friends?  

Week 7: Dig into Your Imagination

This week is full of explorations of ancient civilizations and fossils of extinct creatures! We’ll learn
all about archeology, dinosaurs and the world back as it was hundreds or even millions of years
ago. Let’s grab a shovel and start discovering! 

Week 8: Beach Vision

Have you ever wondered where sand comes from or how seashells are made?  What types
of creatures are crawling under the beach? Us too! Let’s splash, explore and learn all about
the sunny seashore together!  You’ll need your sunglasses and bathing suits for this week’s
beachy vibes!

Week 9: Imagination City

If you had your own city, what would it look like?  Would there be tall building?  Underground
tunnels?  Parks and gardens?  What about sports teams?  What jobs would people have?  How
would people get around?  Take us on a tour of the city of your imagination and create your
own city with your own rules!

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